Creating Higher Performing Teams

6 month program

This six month mentoring program assists leaders to create higher performing teams.

Creating a high performing team is no picnic

The challenge of leading a team to success can easily be underestimated.  It is never sufficient to simply promote talented managers who are excellent in one skill set and expect them to adapt quickly to the additional complexities of managing and motivating a team.

Managing egos, developing and driving strategy, dealing with conflict and holding people accountable is hard let alone the core KPI of maximising performance outcomes.

Successful businesses increasingly realise that team leaders will maximise the performance of their teams when they are mentored to achieve the following effective competencies:

  • Enhanced communication skills to motivate and create solutions faster
  • Highly developed conflict management skills to minimise destructive team conflict
  • Ability to coach and mentor teams to successfully manage clients and other stakeholders
  • Understand the attributes of high performing teams: and how to identify areas of potential improvement
  • Understand different problem solving styles, and how to utilize each style to optimise decision making and team performance
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of behaviour under pressure

Experience and research shows that leadership skills are in great part learnt on the job. Without the right support, the new leader will take time for their team to be successful in delivering maximum performance.

Creating a Higher Performing Team is a six month program designed to assist leaders to transition their teams to higher levels of performance. By working closely with the leader as a coach / mentor we provide support and guidance to create high performing teams which are collaborative and accountable.

The program is customised to reflect the nuances, needs and circumstances of each leader and their team. In addition to one on one coaching sessions with the leader, we conduct a number of half day sessions with the Team that focus on critical areas.

Experience shows that the program inevitably evolves to reflect the issues and challenges facing the team over the six month period. An outline of the areas generally covered in the program is set out below.

Program Overview

  • Attributes of High Performing Teams
  • Team purpose and goals
  • Desired Team behaviours
  • Team roles, responsibility and accountability
  • Managing differences
  • Strategic Planning
  • Dealing with challenging issues

Generally there will be between three and four half day Team Coaching / Mentoring workshops over the six month period. Each workshop will cover a number of the areas listed above (other than the Program design and one on one coaching). Regular coaching/mentoring sessions with the Leader will take place between the Team Workshops to provide support on taking the team to the next level.


Praise for the program:

The Becoming a Higher Performing Team program has been a great success for our business.  We have seen a dramatic improvement in the way the team communicate, focus on critical issues and hold each other accountable. Previously existing silos have broken down and there is far greater engagement and commitment than before we did the program. Mark has an engaging facilitation style that encourages participation. He is diligent, intelligent and brings a lot of energy into the room. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was able to challenge individuals and the team to reach new heights. If you want a more engaged, productive team I’d highly recommend this program, which was great value for money.

– Ross Tomaino, COO Innovation Ice Cream


Creating a Higher Performing Team – Intensive half day workshop

This intensive half day workshop forms part of the Creating a Higher Performing Team program and is offered as a half day workshop on a stand-alone basis. The program is designed to increase team member self-awareness and challenge the team to determine how they can work more collaboratively to improve performance. Areas covered in the workshop include:

  • Attributes of High Performing Teams
  • Team self-assessment – are we a High Performing Team?
  • The challenge of managing differences
  • Influencing and communication skills
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Clarifying the culture – team values and behaviours


Praise for the workshop:

The “Higher Performing Teams” workshop was perfectly pitched to equip the senior members of our two key fundraising teams to work collaboratively and effectively together. With a shared understanding of problem solving styles and impact and the skills to handle conflict constructively the teams can confidently approach the challenges ahead. Thanks Mark, the program has high impact and we will reap the benefits in our future results.

– Susan Henry, Head of People & Culture, Starlight Children’s Foundation