Salli Browning –  Associate

Salli Browning is an accomplished communication and dispute resolution specialist with extensive experience in Mediating, Facilitating, managing, and resolving disputes in the workplace, as well as other areas.


Salli is a former CEO of the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre – the first ADR organisation in Australia established by the NSW Attorney General to promote and facilitate dispute resolution processes alternative to litigation.  She is a former President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA) and a current Board Member of the Association.

She has designed and delivered numerous training courses in mediation, and other associated areas such as effective communication in the workplace, and dispute avoidance. She has worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia and in a variety of cross cultural contexts.

Salli is a member of Statutory mediation panels for the Office of Fair Trading Strata Titles Mediation Services Unit, a member of mediator panels for various industry dispute resolution schemes; a member of Australian Dispute Centres panel of mediators, a member of Australian Public Service Commission panel of independents and on selective State and Federal Government mediation panels.

Salli has extensive experience facilitating in a number of contexts including organisational consultation and strategic planning, community consultation, land use and development matters, and public issue management. She also provides communication and conflict coaching for employees and Managers involved in disputes or matters of complaint.

Organisations Salli has recently worked for include: Department of Industry Lands, Department of Industry Fisheries, Hunter Water Corporation, Macquarie University, Transport NSW, Pinnacle Rehab, Department of Industry Water, NSW Health, Australian Tax Office, NSW Fire and Rescue, and Wesley Mission.


Salli’s experience enables her to analyse complex situations and provide practical, realistic and innovative solutions when facilitating, coaching and mediating. She focuses on developing strategies and solutions that minimise risk and maximise results. She leverages her exceptional communication and analytical skills to build rapport and achieve desired outcomes. She is committed to providing an outstanding level of service and resolving matters promptly, professionally and effectively.

 Qualifications and Accreditations

BA (Soc Sci) (CSU), Accredited Mediator NMAS, Advanced Mediation Certificate, Workplace Training and Assessment IV, Multiparty Mediation, Family DR (UWS), Certificate Company Secretary (CSI).

Salli is a member of Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA), Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), Australian Institute Management (AIM), Mediators Beyond Borders, International (MBBI).