The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)® is a powerful assessment instrument internal and external coaches and consultants use to help managers and employees deal with conflict behaviours in the workplace. The CDP is the result of extensive studies on the management of conflict in organisations and is the premier instrument used to measure conflict triggers and behavioural responses to workplace conflict. Mark Rosenberg is a CDP Master Trainer for the Center for Conflict Dynamics, developers of the tool. He trains and certifies individuals upon request and offers periodic in-person CDP Certification sessions for those who meet requirements set by the tool’s developers.

About the tool

The Conflict Dynamics Profile is an assessment instrument dealing with conflict behaviours in the workplace and provides an effective way to improve self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. Two versions of the instrument — the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) and the CDP 360 — provide practical solutions for promoting more effective collaboration and conflict resolution. The CDP is used in leadership development, executive coaching, team development, and conflict management programs. The instrument has been validated and the results published in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Measurement (August 2004).

Getting Certified

Although the Conflict Dynamics Profile Feedback Report is user-friendly, the feedback can be very powerful for some individuals. Since the role of the facilitator is important to the value of the feedback, the Center for Conflict Dynamics requires that the instrument be administered only by certified professionals. Mark Rosenberg of Balanced Curve was chosen to be a CDP Master Trainer to certify internal and external coaches and consultants in the tool. Mark has used the tool with hundreds of leaders and teams since 2011. Certification can be obtained through individual preparation followed by telephone or in-person sessions.

To become certified in the CDP, contact Mark Rosenberg on 0411 265 157 or email at info@balancedcurve.com

Qualifications for Certification
Bachelor’s Degree
Organisational experience in training, human resources, organizational development or conflict management
Previous involvement with assessment instruments

By attending a certification program, participants:

  • Gain an understanding of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® history, research, and key principles
  • Learn how to read and analyse data in the feedback report
  • Develop an ability to facilitate a feedback session using the Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Learn practical applications of the Conflict Dynamics Profile and how to assist others with developmental planning
  • Become eligible to purchase the Conflict Dynamics Profile

Special Features
Each participant has the opportunity to take the Conflict Dynamics Profile and receive an individual feedback report. As part of the certification process, each participant receives:

  • Technical Manual
  • Interpretive Considerations
  • Administrative Guide
  • PowerPoint presentations (to produce color overhead slides)
  • Three sample Feedback Reports
  • The Development Guide, Managing Conflict Dynamics: A Practical Approach.
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Video -“How to Prepare Feedback”