Testimonials – Conflict Dynamics Profile

“The practical, conceptual, and psychometric properties of the Conflict Dynamics Profile are superior to any instrument I have used over the past 30 years as a consultant, teacher, and researcher in the field of conflict management. The CDP is a mainstay in my toolkit that has been exceptionally well-received by clients and provides exceptional value.”

Dennis M. Dennis, PhD, RN
Founder, Care Full conflict, LLC
Seattle, WA

“The CDP is a jewel of an assessment. Using it will change the way one thinks about and deals with conflict. This tool offers much more than perspective…it provides concrete suggestions to dramatically change the conflict conversation. The CDP is ahead of its time and needs to be discovered by the business world!”

Susan J. Strong

“From nearly 10 years of experience offering the Conflict Dynamics Profile to clients, I know that insights from the tool and use of the model can turn around a career as well as transform a workplace. The CDP provides reliable feedback that can be quickly grasped for immediate action along with the impetus for sustainable change that can be life and career enriching.”

Susan Gunn
Working Dynamics, Inc. Richmond, VA

“In our work with senior executives and executive teams, we find The Conflict Dynamics Profile to be a superior instrument for both coaching and workshop use. By focusing on the behavioral elements of conflict responses, the instrument effectively identifies specific skills to maintain or develop in order to enhance both individual and team effectiveness. Rather than focusing on conflict “style,” the CDP offers behavioral descriptions, which provide a much better working surface for development.”

The team at Nevins Consulting, Inc.