Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching – Becoming a Better Leader

One-on-one coaching and mentoring

This customised, high impact six month (10 sessions) program is designed for high potential and senior leaders who are committed to becoming high performing leaders.

Program Outcomes

Program content and approach will be determined during the first two sessions on the basis of agreed goals and areas of focus. Typical benefits from the program include:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • A more strategic and less hands on approach to management
  • The ability to maximise goal-setting skills by prioritising and managing time more effectively
  • Improved delegation skills
  • Enhanced Conflict Competence
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More advanced communication and influencing skills

Clients who have experienced coaching and mentoring often comment that the sessions are particularly valuable in providing them with a safe place to talk about problems and issues, to test ideas and have assumptions and proposed actions challenged.

What clients say

“Mark Rosenberg is an extremely professional and insightful executive coach. He is a person who challenges you through focussing on the core issues being confronted. He is not afraid to discuss the difficult issues and is always prepared to explore potential solutions to the complexities of business. Mark has made significant contributions to me over an extended period and has been extremely important in my overall effectiveness and development as a leader.”

Rob McKay, CEO, Wendy’s

“With a lengthy career in HR and a being a qualified executive coach myself, Pam Crumblin would have to be one of the top executive coaches I’ve worked with. She has a great style that really leads to results. Pam’s commercial background really differentiates her from the majority of coaches around town, as she is able to build credibility quickly. Not a “touchy-feely” coach – Pam is someone who will push for results and hold her clients accountable.

Debra Tagg, Executive General Manager- Corporate HR at Suncorp Group

“Mark Rosenberg is a highly effective executive coach and advisor. I was impressed with his ability to listen, understand, and explore options (in that order). He has the ability to really grasp the key issues that seem elusive to others, bring them out on the table, and help figure out how to deal with and resolve them. An unusual and highly valuable skill – and I think he undercharges for his service”

Tom Beecroft, Investor / Director

“Merryl Semple helped me immediately focus on what mattered most for me – delivering results. I have learned not to compromise on strategy, structure and people as key enablers. Most of all, during a period of change within our organisation, Merryl helped me frame my approach to a number of sensitive issues and was a great sounding board and guiding light. I now think this way every day and look forward to the benefits that have and will continue to flow.

Craig Hann, GM Finance, FMCG Sector (ASX Top 100)

“Mark’s calm and collected approach to coaching led me on to things I’d never have achieved without his input. I was once an angry beast who was slow to listen and quick to shout, but I now believe I have the ability to stop, assess and calmly deliver effective results to a whole range of problems thanks to Mark. Flexible with his approach, Mark is able to work with a vast array of personality types and is a hugely likeable individual with a uncanny ability to boil complex issues down even for simple people like me. I’d highly recommend a chat with him to raise your game to new levels.”

Stephen Harnwell Jones , Creative Director and Marketing Strategist

“Monica Cable is an outstanding coach: my sessions with her have not only given me a heightened awareness of myself but they have enabled me to identify and appreciate my strengths, acknowledge my limitations and learn how to challenge them. This has been of significant value to me in both my professional and personal life. I also now have the tools to interact better with those around me which have greatly helped me in my role as a people leader. I would strongly recommend Monica’s coaching to anyone who is serious about professional development and self-improvement.”

Executive General Manager, Financial Services

“Since working with Mark I have grown as a leader and as a person and achieved results in my career that I previously would not have attained. I recommend Mark and his team to any organisation seeking to create high performing teams or grow their leaders”

Todd Duthie, Marketing Manager at Le Cornu Furniture

“Mark offers great insight and guidance in an environment where you are often riding by the seat of your pants. He drives me to make change happen. Mark is the business partner you always wanted. He just happens to be an Executive Coach.”

Ed Kirk, Director, Loop Branding