Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director of Balanced Curve is an Accredited Mediator under the National Accreditation System. Mark specialises in franchising and workplace mediations and has been conducting mediations for the Office of the Franchising Mediation Advisor since 2009. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts (Psych)/Laws from the University of NSW, a Master of Laws from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

He has broad professional and mediation experience having worked as a lawyer and manager across a number of industries. He has held senior legal and commercial roles at Caltex Australia and was Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, at Sydney Olympic Park Authority, a NSW Government agency.

Mark developed his franchising expertise working as a lawyer and then manager at Caltex Australia. During his time at Caltex, Mark covered all aspects of retail franchising, from drafting the Australian franchise agreement to developing the Franchise Charter, managing relationships with franchisees, developing performance-management programs, resolving disputes and conducting mediations. For two years he headed up a subsidiary company responsible for Caltex’s retail company operations program, effectively acting as a large franchisee. He subsequently acted as National Franchise Manager, gaining an insight into both sides of the franchising fence.

A key to Mark’s success as a mediator is his ability to understand the perspective of both parties. At Caltex, his fairness in recognising the franchisee’s perspective led to a quantum change in the culture of the Caltex franchisor-franchisee relationship. The collaborative working relationship that developed between Caltex and its franchisees has been a significant factor in making the Caltex franchise the success that it is today.

Since establishing Balanced Curve in 2008, Mark has successfully conducted numerous franchise and workplace mediations, both formal and informal.

Salling Browning, Balanced Curve Associate  is an accomplished communication and dispute resolution specialist with extensive experience in Mediating, managing, and resolving disputes in the workplace, as well as other areas. She is an accredited mediator under National standards and has mediated in excess of 1,500 disputes, including matters involving significantly complex issues and multiple parties.

She is a former CEO of the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre – the first ADR organisation in Australia established by the NSW Attorney General to promote and facilitate dispute resolution processes alternative to litigation.  She is a former President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA) and a current Board Member of the Association.

Salli has designed and delivered numerous training courses in mediation, and other associated areas such as effective communication in the workplace, and dispute avoidance.  She has worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia and in a variety of cross cultural contexts.

Salli also has extensive experience in many facets of the ADR field, including the development of ADR systems and policy in a variety of areas, the development of mediation training and mediation standards, and the development and management of Industry Dispute Resolution Schemes.

Salli is a member of Statutory mediation panels for the Office of Fair Trading Strata Titles Mediation Services Unit, a member of mediator panels for various industry dispute resolution schemes; a member of Australian Dispute Centres panel of mediators, a member of Australian Public Service Commission panel of independents and on selective State and Federal Government mediation panels.

Lynora Brooke Balanced Curve Associate is recognised as one of Australia’s leading conflict management coaches and mediators. She is based in Sydney and brings an extensive background in mentoring, executive coaching, facilitation, mediation and training to her work.

Lynora is accredited under the National Mediation Standards and has over 35 years’ experience in business management, facilitation, consulting, mentoring and mediating. She has worked throughout Australia and overseas in a broad range of countries.

She provides Conflict Management Coaching, Mediation Coaching, Return-to-Work Coaching, facilitated discussion and mediation services for a variety of workplace and commercial conflicts/disputes and specialises in Mentoring and Leadership Coaching with senior executives, with much of her work being in the NSW & Federal public sector. Prior to 2004, her background was in senior business leadership roles in financial services, property and a variety of other sectors.

Lynora currently delivers training in Australia and New Zealand for leaders wishing to learn the skills of Conflict Management Coaching and trains a ‘Leader as Workplace Coach’ course to assist managers adopt a coaching approach in their workplace. She also facilitates workplace team coaching, team dynamics assessments, strategic business planning and project and risk reviews.

Mark, Salli and Lynora are all members of the Resolution Institute.


What people say

Mark helped us work through what was becoming a difficult conflict situation for the business and the team members involved. He patiently and respectfully worked with each of the parties to gain an insight into their perspectives and took us through a blended mediation/facilitation process that resulted in greater understanding and very positive outcomes for all concerned. The team members involved were impressed by Mark’s ability to draw out their concerns and issues and facilitate positive discussion.  I found Mark very down to earth, insightful and easy to work with, and will definitely work with him again when the need arises.

– Dr Rick Krassoi, Director, Ecotox Services Australasia

Mark acted as the mediator in a long-running dispute between Athletics Australia and the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association. Both sides were very pleased with the way he managed to engage us, understand the different perspectives and assist us work through the many complex issues to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. On any objective assessment it was not an easy exercise and Mark did an outstanding job. We would have no hesitation in using Mark again.

– Dallas O’Brien, CEO, Athletics Australia